Head Injuries

Playing Infinite Mind 1 and 2 quietly in the background has helped people with head injuries to remember and recall easier and quicker. I wrote this music in the early 1990's, while a study sponsored by the National Research of Canada was researching the effects of Infinite Joy on focus and concentration at Brock University in the Cognitive Research Laboratory in the Neurology Department. As this was happening, the scientist who was conducting the research asked if I could write music for the head-injured as she was head of that organization. Infinite Mind 1 and 2 was then written and studied. The head injured were all responding positively. They stayed for the testing without getting up and wandering. They began associating and recalling from one test to the next.

One lady, who was in a very severe crash and was in a coma for 3 days, lost 95% of her memory. In playing the music while relearning, she regained 80% of her memory back in 2 months.

Here’s Her Testimony:

“I was in a near fatal car crash 6 months ago - courtesy of a drunk driver. My injuries included skull fracture, loss of memory and body whiplash. I was in a coma for 3 days and hospitalized for a month. Upon awakening the doctors told me that it would take years to recover from the 95% memory loss I experienced. After playing Infinite Mind 1 and 2 for only 2 months I have recovered about 80% of my memory. The steady repetitive rhythm has helped keep me focused and attentive as I relearn reading and writing skills. With this music, I can now read and understand a story the first time through. My progress has surprised my doctors and therapists. They say I am 5 years ahead of the normal rate of recovery. During this time, I suffered from insomnia and paranoia due to my head injuries. I used Sea Magic (another of Sharon's tapes), which totally relaxed me and helped me sleep peacefully.”
- P. M., - T.V. actress/model

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Photo Description

Infinite Mind Vol.1

Uses of Infinite Mind Vol. 1:

    easily and effortlessly without stress.
  • Benefits adult, students and animals
  • Memory, recall, mental stability and clarity
  • Helps the rote learning process
  • Helps people of all ages with learning or memory retention difficulties

Infinite Mind Vol.2

Uses of Infinite Mind Vol. 2:

  • Easily and effortlessly without stress.
  • Benefits adult, students and animals
  • Accelerates the learning process
  • Research and projects can be  completed quicker
  • Helps when studying for exams or reading difficult text
  • Enhances organizational skills
  • Complete reports, housework, etc. quickly and efficiently


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