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Enhances Sleep Stress-Reducing, Calming Focusing, Concentration Printing and Handwriting Memory Retention Learning Challenges, A.D.D. Creativity Accelerates Learning Complete Homework Faster Organizational Skills Peaceful, Tranquil, Calms Aggravation Special Needs

Organizational Skills

 Playing Infinite Mind 2 quietly in the background will help you complete things in half the time. It is extremely beneficial in the workplace and at home.
Reports cards, office reports, taxes, and multiple projects even HOUSEWORK and MOVING is completed in half the time with no anxiety or stress. Deadlines are easily met.

“I noticed that when I used Infinite Mind while I was doing different tasks that everything ran smoothly and fell in place with ease. It organized my thoughts.”

- Barbara Stocking

“Every year, Infinite Mind helps me get my taxes completed easily, without stress and ON TIME!!!!!

- Sharon Russell

Because the music is written with notes, rhythms and formula patterns that optimize the brain patterns, some people have difficulty in listening to it. If this happens to you, play the music extremely quietly in the background until you become in tune with the music. You will then only notice the music when it stops. You will feel like something’s missing.

This music is wonderful to play in the background while the students are writing a test. They are able to finish the test quicker, with more accuracy, and without stress.

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Infinite Mind Vol.1

Infinite Mind Vol. 2


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