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When you play Sea Magic quietly in the background, this music will bring you balance and calmness. It also inspires creativity. I used it many times in my classroom when my students were creating artwork or for their creative writing. This music reduces stress as it transports you to the sea. I had one lady write me and tell me that it calmed her down so she could drive on the highway again.

Here's the affirmation that came to me. You can change the
words to fit the issue.

"As the sands of my past are washed away, the present is left in the sands for today."

"As the sands of my problem (name the problem) are washed away, the solutions are left in the sands for today."

"As the sands of negativity are washed away, positivity is left in the sands for today."

Fill in the italic underlined word to personalize your affirmation. Meditate on the affirmation with the music playing quietly in the background. Ask that the affirmation will be answered as you let the ocean whisk away what you don't need and leave what you do need.

This music is very beneficial for creative visualization as well. 

"I find that Sea Magic motivates me when I need inspiration in my Art. It's an excellent calming and inspirational tool."

- O.N. - Teacher, Artist

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