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Enhances Sleep Pregnancy, Labour and Afterwards Positive Attitudes, Creativity, Inner Child Work Peaceful,Tranquil, Calms Aggravation Anxiety, Depression, Balance Head-Injuries Special Needs



Benefits of Music:

Doctors, Therapists, Practitioners, Professionals, Educators and Homeschoolers can easily use Infinite Joy, Sea Magic, Transcension, Illuminating the Shadow or Joyous Tranquility to enhance the well being of their patients and clients. Massage Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Chiropractors, Yoga and Tai Chi Instructors, to name a few also use this music. The music is also being used for meditations and visualizations.

Just play the music quietly in the background in your waiting room, spa, office or classroom. The music soothes and relaxes. Your environment will become very peaceful.

This music is already being played in:
Schools and Classrooms, Dentists and Doctor's Waiting Rooms and Offices, Wellness Centers, and Spas.

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Joyous Tranquility

Infinite Joy

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Infinite Mind Vol.1

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