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Joyous Tranquility

Joyous Tranquility

Sharon Howarth Russell

Uses of Joyous Tranquility:

  • Uplifting, Lilting, Joy, Love,
  • Communicating with Nature,
  • Tranquility, Inner Peace

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Morning Piano

Swept Away

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$29.97 Now $20.00 - CD

The ten songs on this CD were inspired by my nature walks with my wonderful German Shepherd named Spike, at the Scarborough Bluffs, one of Ontario's incredible natural wonders. It has a magnificence and serenity all of its own.

Each of us has a Scarborough Bluffs in our heart, a special, quiet place that unites us with our inner peace, joy, tranquility and love that we all deserve. These songs were written to rekindle those special memories of Joyous Tranquility.

I'm calling the music, Joyous Tranquility, because each time I went to the Bluffs, the weather and scenario were so different: the sun beaming through the trees, the cloudy days, the pitter - pattering of the rain, the fog, the birds flying overhead and singing, the water rushing against the shore, the doe and her baby quietly watching us, the snow, the wind, the breeze, the mist, and the outstanding beauty of its coloured leaves. Each time, I felt so much Joy, Tranquility, Peacefulness and Love and a song would come to me. Most of the songs are lilting and uplifting melodies. Some you will find yourself humming along with, while others you might dance or move to.

For those who are interested, I also have the healing analysis based on the chakra system for each song.

Product ID: Joyous Tranquility
Description: Joyous Tranquility
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